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Helping online influencers get the most out of their content, Casperlight creates, advises and manages media to reach target audiences effectively.


The Casperlight team approached us in need of a modern, intuitive online experience, as well as a complete brand re-design that complement each other. With a well-needed rebrand, along with various creative digital content, Casperlight wanted us to produce a new feel to their brand, website, print materials and more.

Designing with content creators in mind, the team at Morf developed exciting, user-intuitive media to make Casperlight stand out from the crowd.


Services operated
on this project

Bespoke Branding
Web Development
Online Marketing
Print Design
Media Production
Digital Startups
UI & UX Design
App Development
Bespoke Branding
Web Development
Print Design
UI & UX Design


We delivered a host of micro-projects for Capserlight, as well as bringing their website to the 21st century.

The Morf team developed a new feel for the brand, complemented by a state of the art website design and build.

Alongside the main elements of this project, we also produced project proposal documents, presentations, social media content, email marketing & email signatures; giving them the content they needed to impress their potential clients.


Stringing all of the design & development work together for Casperlight, they have seen an increase in brand awareness and engagement. Their brand as a whole is more professional and continuative, offering a simple, user-friendly feel across multiple platforms.

The Client's

Bill is very happy with his new website and the additional work the Morf team have completed for him. “I couldn’t recommend a more competent group of designers and developers. They’ve done a fantastic job and offer valuable digital media expertise.

William F D Roberts
Managing Director


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